Watercolor Journaling Workshop [January 2019]- starting your art journaling journey

Watercolor Journaling Workshop [January 2019]- starting your art journaling journey


January 11, 2019

location: my home/studio in Seminole/St. Pete area

10:30 - 3:00 (with a 1/2 hour lunch break)

$ 55

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Benefits of starting a watercolor journal:

·         Unleash your creativity - your art journal is a safe place to experiment with words and images, try out new art materials and techniques, or visually document your thoughts and feelings in a creative ways

·         Cultivate a creative practice of capturing moments in your life  - places you go, things you see, dreams, thoughts or ideas

·         Create anywhere you go - portable materials that can go with you anywhere

·         Affordable creative outlet - minimal amount of materials needed

·         Non-intimidating – a journal page is so much friendlier than a large piece of blank paper or canvas

·         Art journaling can help you unlock yourself when you’re stuck on a larger piece or have “artist’s block”

·         Creating art is therapeutic and calming – watercolor journaling brings distraction from life’s stresses and worries; a page-a-day can do wonders for your soul

This workshop is for you if:

·         You are looking for a way to cultivate a daily creative practice

·         You want to create art wherever you are  

·         You would like to experiment with watercolor but don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive classes and materials

·         You need a creative outlet as a distraction from life-stresses and worries

·         You want to create art that you will be proud of and that will be a reflection of you

·         You are stuck on your art practice

·         You are looking to try something new

·         You want to do something fun with other creative and motivated people


You do not need to buy any materials in advance of this workshop.

Except for the watercolor journal, all materials used in the workshop (paints, brushes, markers, pencils, etc.) are provided for use during the workshop and included in the workshop fee.

You can buy a watercolor journal from me the day of the workshop. I have tested many different watercolor journals from different manufacturers and selected the best for you. If you are already art journaling, you can bring your own watercolor journal or watercolor sketchbook, just make sure your paper is at least 140 lb, preferably cold press.

You can bring any watercolor paints or brushes you have, or you can borrow mine. If you have a favorite marker or calligraphy pen that you like to use in your art, bring it along.