Lourdes Rosas Rasdall Tampa Glass Artist | Watercolor Artist | Mixed Media Art

Meet the Artist: Lourdes Rosas-Rasdall

Knowing she was a creative at an early age, Cuban-born artist Lourdes Rosas-Rasdall pursued a degree in visual arts.  College brought her to Tampa Bay.  Falling in love with the area, she never left.

Lourdes received her Bachelor of Arts from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL. Later, she studied and practiced commercial art.  As most art students, she trained in the traditional mediums and methods. She gravitated towards watermedia early on, and a fascination with transparency and light naturally made this her predominant  medium. Even when working in acrylic, she typically applies paint fluidly and builds up the painting with thin layers, so fragments of the underlying layers will still peek through. A curiosity for more three dimensional work led her to discover glass fusion later on.  Here again, transparent glass is layered just like watercolor.


Lourdes believes, “A day at the zoo is a treat that may provide enough references for a year’s worth of paintings.”

Lourdes believes, “A day at the zoo is a treat that may provide enough references for a year’s worth of paintings.”

Today, Lourdes works in watermedia, two-dimensional mixed media paintings, and kiln-formed glass; mixed media paintings often have glass inclusions as collage.  She is interested in “stretching the medium” beyond tradition and exploring the possibilities.  Her latest body of work include building up the working surface with collage and texture to create interest before any paint is applied, and applying hand-painted papers as collage elements. No matter the media, her signature is a vibrant palette.  Having lived in the tropics her entire live, her world is colorful and bright.  Nature has been an ongoing source of inspiration. Her goal is not to replicate what she sees, but rather to render an interpretation that attempts to capture the personality of the subject or the mood of the moment.

Lourdes resides in the Tampa Bay area, where she finds a lot of local inspiration. But her love of travel and curiosity for exploring new places is also evident in her work. She exhibits actively and keeps busy teaching workshops, working on commissions and community art projects.  She is represented by St. Pete Artworks in St. Petersburg, FL and the Craftsmen Gallery at Suntan Art Center in St. Pete Beach.  In addition, some of her small work can be found at local art boutiques. 

Lourdes is an active member of the Florida Watercolor Society, the Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society, the Gulf Coast Artists’ Alliance and Suntan Art Center.